Android Device Inventory

This project collects and aggregates information about Android devices. It is designed to be open and transparent. All data is available and can be downloaded by everyone. We do our best to not collect any data that could identify a particular device or user. If you find an information that could be abused in this sense, please let us know so we can remove it.

Contribute to the project by installing this app and submitting your device information:


All data sets are aggregated to a list of devices. This is done by using a subset of submitted properties.

CPU properties:

  • type
  • name
System properties:
  • ro.product.device
  • ro.product.manufacturer
  • ro.product.model
  • ro.product.board


All submitted data can be found here. The data contains several properties of those Android devices.

Distribution of supported Features

Data export

We provide several endpoints to export the collected data. Depending on your usage some fields might not be needed or another format is a better fit.

List export options »